Billy o' Middle ToonOctober 29th 2019

MRI Scanner Appeal Burra Bear

Billy Middleton contacted me in July to ask if I would be willing to make a Burra Bear to help raise funds for the MRI Scanner appeal, Billy's mam is Harriet of the Harriet's Hats fame, she started a knitting group called MRI MAAKERS who meet every second Thursday, they have a Maakin and Yaakin session using wool donated to make things to sell in aid of the Shetland MRI Scanner appeal, this has now grown arms and legs with knitting patterns for hats, scarves, gloves, headbands and cowls in the same beautiful brightly coloured disctintive Fair Isle pattern.
I was absolutely delighted to help and said yes of course. Harriet dropped off 8 hats, we used 5 to produce 'Billy o' Middle Toon', he turned out perfectly, we used the star on the crown of the hat for his belly and incorporated the other patterns throughout his head and body.