About us

Happily based in our small home studio on beautiful Burra Isle, one of the many amazing islands that make up the archipelago that is Shetland; we are Wendy & Robyn (Wendy is the one with the pink hair). A mother & daughter team who spend most of our week days laughing & working together to create the Original Shetland Teddy Bear.

Wendy likes to think that she is the creative force behind Burra Bears, but in reality she probably spends way too much time drinking (good) coffee and messing around on social media. Robyn on the other hand comes up with all the innovative product design, and puts it in to production using both her innate sense of style and her degree in Contemporary Textiles, along with the practical skills she inherited from her maternal Grandmother.

Completing the team are Maurice (husband of Wendy, father of Robyn); Maggie, antisocial, octogenarian Border Terrier and Peerie Alfie, the overenthusiastic office junior Yorkie. In his spare time, when not busy competing in Ironman events, triathalons etc., Maurice can often be found giving life to a Burra Bear using re-cycled stuffing. The two canine’s gave it a go but they were a dead loss; they remain just furry eye candy for our many visitors.

And so that pretty much sums us up; two designer/makers, both passionate about what we do. Robyn's multi tasking extraordinaire talents and Wendy's terrifying levels of perfectionism combining successfully to create the happy, tight 'knit' team that goes to make up - Burra Bears!

Wendy Loves - stripey tops, good coffee & good red wine, being at home, ‘Fly’ boots, Instagram and carrot cake.

Robyn Loves - Daniel, hot chocolate, custard creams and her mobile phone.